Banana Sushi…RECIPE


This looks delicious!


Banana smoothie bowl + coconut, sultanas, dates, chia seeds, almonds, coconut date rolls and maple syrup.


Banana smoothie bowl + coconut, sultanas, dates, chia seeds, almonds, coconut date rolls and maple syrup.




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So I decided to put one of these together to refer back to and also help minimize some of my tabs.  Happy blogging dear tumblrbugs! :)
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So I decided to put one of these together to refer back to and also help minimize some of my tabs.  Happy blogging dear tumblrbugs! :)

Get Organized

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Where has this gif set been all my life

This is wonderful.

Weekly Weigh-In

Starting weight (as of August 15th): 185 lbs

Current weight: 181 lbs

Not a lot of progress, but a little bit is better than nothing. I also didn’t do much in the two weeks or so since then, but now I’m starting to do a little more. I can’t find my measuring tape, so no measurements this time.

1 more pound to go before my first reward!

Starting Over

Last summer, I was finally reaching a happy point. I fit back into my old jeans. My stomach was getting flatter. I had met with a personal trainer and was starting to go to the gym. I had more energy and just felt BETTER. 

And then I got pregnant.

I did not do pregnant well. I moved from one city to another at the end of my first trimester to be with my fiancé, which meant quitting my job. Not being the most social of people, I ended up spending a lot of time at home, doing not much of anything besides reading and playing video games. And eating. Oh my goodness, how I could eat. I was ALWAYS hungry. And I did not make the greatest of food choices. And when I did eat things that had a somewhat higher nutritional value, I ate so much to excess.

By the time my daughter was born, I had gained 45-50 lbs. I lost 20 lbs rights away, but have since put almost all of it back on.

Yesterday was a bit of a breaking point. And now I’m ready for a lifestyle overhaul. My fiancé and I have started a 12 week vegan meal plan, that we will modify slightly, using low fat dairy products and sometimes adding lean protein to recipes. I’m taking over a wall in our basement to fill with motivational pictures and quotes, as well as workout schedules. I’m also making a list of both scale and non-scale goals and rewards, because my internal motivation is shaky at best.

And because I need something to be working for, a reminder to myself (and others) why I’m doing this:

1. I’m getting married next summer. This mean shopping for dresses and at this point, clothes shopping makes me cry. I want to be able to try on dresses and have tears of joy over finding the perfect dress, not tears of sadness and frustration because I can’t find anything that fits properly and makes me feel beautiful.

2. My fiancé’s favourite summer activity is hiking. We got a hiking backpack carrier for our daughter as a gift to take her on day hikes with us. I want to be able to keep up with him, as well as be able to carry my share on multi-day hikes.

3. My daughter is growing up so fast. It won’t be long before she’s off and running, and I want to be able to keep up with her. And I want to set a good example for her as she grows older so she can live a healthy lifestyle as well.

So here’s to me, and starting over. May my outlook stay positive, even on not so great days and may this lifestyle change last a lifetime.